4 Top Places to Eat in Aberdeen for Food Intolerances

Updated: Oct 4, 2017

Guest Blog - Louise Carhill, LiberEat

Having allergies or food intolerances can be a nightmare. Here are some tips to help you find some tasty food in Aberdeen from LiberEat, a new app that will liberate people who avoid ingredients for reasons such as allergies, intolerances, lifestyle and ethical concerns. .

'Let's meet for lunch' or 'let's go out for dinner' are very common phases to be more sociable and see their friends more. But, if like me you live with dietary restrictions, it can leave you questioning ‘do I really need friends anyway?!’ However, before you order the entire box set of 'Lost' and google cat adoption, let me assure you Aberdeen has some great places to eat out that can cater to your 'free from' needs. I've been spending more and more time here over the past six months for work, and was worried that Aberdeen wouldn't have anything to offer. However, I've been pleasantly surprised! See below a few of my favs and where to find them.

Gluten Free

Fifi and Mac Café Bistrohttp://www.fifiandmac.com

Walking in, the restaurant is a bit plain, but it was clean, which I guess is more important. The food as Fifi’s was really tasty, my business partner commented that he wouldn’t even have known it was gluten free it tasted so good. The menu had lots to choose from and they easily adapted it for my business partner’s five-year-old tag along. Although the service wasn’t the quickest, the staff were friendly.



Walking in the café gave off a distinctly hipster-esque vibe, but don’t let that put you off. The staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was very pleasant. With delicious vegan choices and products sourced locally, you can enjoy your food and feel good that you’re supporting the local economy. Foodstory also has some gluten free and low-sugar options, so if you don’t fit into one box like me, there are choices.

Nut Free

Byron Burger - https://www.byronhamburgers.com/allergens

Ah Byron Burger, rustic aesthetic throughout, good service, friendly staff and good food. But I struggle with Byron Burger; their treatment of loyal employees during 2016 led to a large boycott of the chain, and a reputation hit that still haunts them. Byron’s display of allergens in its foods is open and easy to follow. Though none of us had a nut allergy the waiter told me that they only use nuts in the bar area and for one milkshake on their menu, therefore lots of their foods were nut free. Knowing my friends husband whose allergy is so severe, ‘nut free’ and ‘safe for people with allergies’ are not the same thing. I put this question to our waiter who told me that Byron’s burgers were prepared in a special nut free zone to limit the risk of cross contamination, which will give reassurance to anyone with a severe allergy.

Diabetic Friendly

Pizza Express - https://www.pizzaexpress.com/~/media/files/pdfs/nutritionals/pex_our-food-calories-and-nutritions.ashx

My mum is diabetic, Type 2, a complication following a severe stroke. It’s surprising how many restaurants talk to her about sugar content when she asks about the menu; not realising what carbohydrates are or how diabetics have to work out their intake. She often tries to put off grabbing lunch while we’re out shopping because she doesn’t want the hassle of menu surfing. We were pleasantly surprised by Pizza Express who have a really useful guide on line that not only lists carbs by serving, but also per 100g. My mum found this easy to use and much less time consuming that asking the waiter and be worried they might not be right. For diabetics, it’s all about giving them clear and easy to interpret information to work from; and for this, Pizza Express gets a big thumbs up.

Louise Cahill and Barry Leaper, Founders of LiberEat: www.libereat.com

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