5 Simple tricks to make your temporary place feel like home

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Guest Blog - Renata Carvalho, Interior Designer

When I started my residential design studio, one of the few things I had very clear in my mind was my mission:

I wanted to help the expat community to feel at home wherever they were.

This is how everything started and this is how I put together my most valuable tips for this nomad nation that, pretty much like myself, needs to make a home out of temporary places.

So, without further ado, here are 5 practical suggestions to help you transform your temporary home.

This is what is known as “vertical decoration” which is the space we tend to notice first and dress our homes: walls, windows and accessories.

1. Dress the main walls with removable paper

Start by transforming your living room, entryway and master bedroom. Removable wallpaper is a self-adhesive, peel & stick wallpaper, which is usually what people think of as "temporary" wallpaper. It will quickly make your home look yours.

Bonus: to make the finishing look amazingly charming, add crown moldings (the molding used on cornice at the roof and wall corner, in the UK this is called coving). It is surprisingly inexpensive and easy to install. It is also easy to remove when you are ready to move out although I doubt your landlord will want you to remove it.

2. Create unique accents on other walls

For your kitchen, bathroom and kids bedroom, consider investing in removable decals or stickers. Decals are almost always made out of PVC-vinyl and are transfers, usually of small images, icons, drawings or words. This is a fun solution, easy to install and even easier to remove. It will quickly

create spaces with your personality.

3. Think creatively about how to use art on your walls

Look for pieces that speak to your heart. Pictures of special places and moments, meaningful paintings and sculptures can make the entire difference when you arrive in your new place.

  • Art goes beyond whatever can be framed. Even framing a beautiful wrapping paper can make a unique piece of art.

  • Art goes beyond what is created in a canvas. Group plates or other objects on a wall to create a really beautiful effect.

  • Hanging several things in your wall does not necessarily mean too many holes.

Bonus tip to consider:

hanging rugs can also be a great way to improve the sound control of the room. The fabric and thickness of rugs serve as great sound absorption, to enhance the quality of music and dialogues in a room.

4. Think of curtains beyond window decoration and light control

Besides being essential for light control and window decoration, draperies or curtains can also be great to substitute terrible closet doors or can be a great room divider. Put the doors you don't like into storage and they can be reattached when you move out.

5. Create a high ceiling sensation with the right scale furniture

If you have a low ceiling, make sure to choose furniture that is low to the ground, move your curtain rail as high as possible and have your curtains go all the way to the floor to give the illusion of having a higher ceiling, making your room feel bigger.

Designing a temporary place and dealing with rental walls can be particularly tricky. I know. I’ve been there. But I am confident you could find some ideas that strike your fancy!

If you want to know all the advice I have for you to have your entire place with a unique homey feeling, just go to rgcprojects.com and download any of my guides made to help you to transform the place where you live into a place that you will love.

I hope you will find them useful to ensure that your project feels unique to you and, if you have any suggestion to add I would love to hear from you!

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What are your tips to make a temporary house feel like home? Share your tips in the comments below.

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