5 things to do with your kids in Aberdeen during the Easter Holidays

Easter Holidays is a time of the year that is filled with excitement and joy from children and parents. Children are full of excitement at the thought of not having to go to school and parents are glad not having to stress about homework for at least two weeks! And the prospect that there may even be Easter Egg hunts, sounds fantastic!

However, two days into the break and maybe your kids are getting a bit restless? Or you’re feeling guilty that they watched WAY too much YouTube! Well, here are 5 things that you can do during the Easter break in Aberdeen that will make this break memorable for everyone.

1.    Sport Activities

There is no question that sports activities will allow you, children, to run off the energy that they collected during their Easter break. Activities like that allow them to keep healthy and have interaction with other kids as well. Or even could become something that you can do together on a regular basis?

Aberdeen offers many fantastic opportunities for kids all ages to take part in sports. If you have younger children (older kids will enjoy this as well!), why not take them to the Beach Leisure Centre at Aberdeen Beach or Jump In Trampoline Park? For older kids, there are plenty of fun places where they can learn new skills and you can join them as well. If you and your kids like the more adventurous sports, check out Aberdeen’s Transition Extreme where your kids can take part in skating, wall climbing or do a rope course or Battle Grounds where they can play paintball, laser tag and any more amazing activities. Fan of ice skating? Then visit Linx Ice Arena right next to the Beach Leisure Centre. There is also an opportunity to take part in Spy Mission which is a treasure trail which lasts for 2 hours and is open for kids from the age of 6.

2.    Museums and Education Centres

Easter break doesn’t have to be just play. Why not combine play with education. With so many museums and education centres out there, there should be something that would spike the interest of your child- whether it is science, history, criminology or animals.

In Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire there are plenty of museums and education centres that would keep children entertained for hours. Aberdeen Science Centre is a place that offers many great activities such as coding and robotics games and is a place to get hands on with science. For kids of all ages who love all things about cars head to Grampian Transport Museum, For older children, there are places like Zoology Museum and Botanic Gardens for kids who are interested in animals and plants. Stonehaven Tolbooth Museum in Stonehaven is a great place to visit which also gives you the opportunity to talk around Stonehaven and get some ice-cream from Aunt Betty’s! For kids who are a little bit more mature Peterhead Prison Museum is a very educational place to visit as it is the museum of the first convict prison in Scotland.

3.    Soft Play and Farms

Younger children love to be surrounded by other kids and animals. So why not take them to a soft play centre where they can run around with other kids or a farm where they can walk around and play with some animals.

Aberdeenshire offers many places like Little Monsters where kids can play till for hours at Hoodles Play Barn or The Den and The Glen near Aberdeen. These are great places especially when the weather is being well, 'Scottish'! If your child is an animal lover take them to one of the many play farms in Aberdeen like Wynford Farm Park or Doonies Rare Breeds Farm.

4. Historic Sites

We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much history on our doorstep. Whether you explore an iron age fort or stone circles off the beaten track or visit one of the many National Trust properties, there will be somewhere near you filled with history.

Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven is always a popular place to visit with it’s stunning scenery, and now there is a great coffee truck in the car park to grab a hot drink and a snack. Crathes Castle, Drum Castle, Haddo House and Castle Fraser are our favourites because they all have tea rooms (Castle Fraser has my favourite one) they have seasonal activities for families and play parks making them great family days out.

5. Parks

So, after so many trips to different places with your kids during Easter Break your wallet is feeling a little bit tired? Why not go to a local park where kids can run around and play on the playground. This will allow them to play for as long as they want, and you do not have to spend a pound.

Aberdeen has a lot of different parks that offer something different. Duthie Park is a great place to walk about, warm up in the winter gardens, and enjoy lunch or a snack in the recently extended cafe. Hazlehead Park is full of beautiful flowers and “secret” passages that your kids can you to play as well as an amazing playground, again there is another great cafe (if you're new to the area you'll find life here involves many coffee shops and cake!!). Seaton Park where you can go and see Mr Therm, which is a former engine that was used to transport coals from Aberdeen harbour.

What are the best things to do with your kids during Easter break in your opinion? Do you know any places that other parents might benefit from? Share your best tips in the comments below!

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