7 Feng-Shui Tips To Make Your Rental Home Inspirational And Feel Like Home

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Guest Blog - Fernanda Helena, Inspirational Coach and Feng-Shui Expert

When you’re moving home, city, country or even a continent is a big moment of change in your life. But if you are moving into a rented property there maybe restrictions on putting up pictures or decorating to make it feel more like home.

Turn these challenges into opportunities with Feng-Shui. Feng-Shui is an ancient oriental wisdom that teaches how to use the energy to create the best place to live and enjoy your life in your new home.

First, you must start by letting go of the old stuff that no longer serves a purpose and only take the things that you really need and love. Next get focused on your new life stage by giving the new home a deep clean to prepared for the new experiences you and your family will have there.

Here are 7 Feng-Shui tips to make your new home an inspirational space to live:

1. Make sure that the front door is strong and in good state and well-functioning. Have it clean and shining. The energy comes into your house by this door, make it sure that it is attracting the best energies into your life.

2. The entrance near the main door must be fresh and comfortable, with few and meaningful things and with some natural elements if possible: some fresh flowers would be great or even some green plants, if there is enough light.

3. Take special care on your bedroom, since it’s the room that is most linked to your personal energy. Make sure you have it joyful, it must be well organized and with bright colours and heat elements, like rugs and a bedspread and fluffy pillows.

4. The kitchen is also an important area when you’re in a new home. Use plants, fresh herbs and a bowl of fresh fruits to give life and vitality to this space. Make things happen here. Cook, drink, make meals and memories. Create energy of celebration, nourishment and health in this room.

5. Reduce clutter in your office, organise and decide the appropriate places for your items. This way, it’s easier to maintain the balance and reduce stress.

6. Choose a style that resembles with what really makes you happy and feels yourself. Surround yourself and your family with love and fulfilling energy.

7. Add natural scents that you enjoy in the rooms, light up candles, and let the sun enter by the windows some hours to energise your home. This way you bring positive vibes to your new home and life.

Moving home is the best time to try Feng-Shui to move into the next phase of your life with renewed inspiration. Try these simple things you can do by yourself to improve your new home.

If you would like more specific advice, a Feng-Shui consultant will do a specific study of the building areas and suggested some adjustments and elements that most benefit you and your family’s lifestyle and help make your next move a more profound and transformative experience.

Fernanda supports people on this stage of life and helps people feel much more confident and connected with their home spaces knowing what their houses can now do for them. Find out how Fernanda can help you at fernandahelena.com

Use your new home to be INSPIRED in your life.

What are your tips to make a temporary house feel like home? Share your tips in the comments below.

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