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Updated: Feb 22, 2018

If you have a small business it is quite likely that you have a Facebook page to try and get more customers to know about you and your services. But it can feel like figuring out the Enigma code would be easier than keeping up with all the changes Facebook throws at us, and just when you think you got your head round it, it all changes again!

But while it might be frustrating to see the engagement of posts drop faster than it takes for you to pour yourself a prosecco or gin to console yourself, we need to remember that Facebook was never built for promoting our businesses. It was created to help us keep in touch with our friends and families. Many of your own followers will never even see your posts with latest figures showing that less than 2% get to see our posts. This doesn’t get much better when paying on Facebook with only between 1-5% of followers on average engaging with/clicking on Facebook Ads.

Facebook wants us to create meaningful and engaging content that sparks conversations and debates with our followers. Here are a few suggestions to tweak your Facebook content.

Do More:

  • Create a dialogue with your audience around a story or topic that is interesting to your audience

  • Ask for recommendations, people love to help and share their opinions

  • Posts that are referring to a topic that is trending

  • Upload videos direct to Facebook, instead of YouTube, of things that your audience are interested in or find entertaining

  • Posts that are liked commented on and shared by your friends within a short time of it being posted

  • Live videos that get comments while broadcasting

  • Regular and consistent videos at an expected day and time

Do Less:

  • Like-baiting and competitions for page likes

  • Text only status updates

  • Overly promotional posts asking people to buy or download something

  • Posts that are repeated

  • Posts that use the same text from your Facebook Ads

  • Posts that contain spammy links

  • Boosting posts

Videos get 6x more interaction than other types of posts.

If you only do one thing to help improve your Facebook for your business do more live videos. Getting repeat viewers matters to Facebook, so think about creating a series of videos on topics that your audience wants to talk about. You could create a series of how to guides, or behind the scenes of creating your products, or insider tips on something you are expert in. Post consistently at the same time each week (or day if you are very ambitious!) like having your very own digital TV show. It can feel scary at first, but the more you do it the easier it gets. Videos that last between 1-2mins work best, with 90 sec being the sweet spot for engagement.

The main this is to build up relationships with your audience and care about the problems your customer is having that you can solve. But don’t rely solely on Facebook for your marketing strategy alone. Remember to build and nurture your email list. This can be done in may ways from starting a podcast, or creating courses you can sell online or making freebies your customers will love to download.

And of course don’t forget to use RelocateGuru in your marketing strategy! As unlike Facebook, it IS a platform that has been designed specifically to help connect small businesses with customers, so more people can discover amazing local businesses. It is a place for people to find and share the many great local independent businesses. Businesses can share their local knowledge, answer questions to build trust and show their local expertise which helps them become first in mind for their ideal customers. You can even copy and paste the blog and instagram posts that you have already created recommending local places!

If you would like to try it out for free enter the promo code FIRSTMONTHFREE for a free Ultimate business membership. (It's always free for a personal account)

If you would like your business to be on the app download it on the App Store or Google Play today!

Have you noticed a difference since the latest Facebook changes? What strategies have you used that work? I would love to hear your experiences and tips in the comments that could help other small businesses.

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