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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

When I asked what resources you wanted me to create to make moving home easier and less stressful for you, the biggest response was to have a moving checklist to keep track of everything! Your wish is my command and like your moving fairy godmother I've waved my magic MacBook and bibbidibobiddibo here it is!

With 16 moves already under my belt (3 in 1 year alone!) I know the drill pretty well now, but it still can be SO easy to forget things while juggling everything else. There are thousands of little things to remember, like remembering to cancel your gym membership or getting the internet company booked in advance to connect you in your new home.

And remembering to make sure you have the essentials like a kettle, your phone charger and loo paper handy, instead of in the last box on the back of the moving truck!

I would dream I could just click my heels, Wizard of Oz style, and find myself in my new house with everything unpacked, enjoying a nice glass of champagne with a fish and chips supper, without having to spend weeks on hold with gas/telephone/internet companies and packing boxes, getting paper cuts from the packing paper!

Until we can order some magic ruby slippers on Amazon, I've created the planner I wished I had years ago, so YOU can have the BEST MOVE EVER! Print everything out, hole punch them, and add them to a binder so you have everything you need for an organised move right at your fingertips! No, really, it’s, minus the packing tape, sticky labels, and magic ruby slippers (sorry).

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This checklist for you, with 16 pages for your moving binder to fill out and check off and little moving tips to help you feel in control of your move and help make it go a little bit smoother.

Here’s what I’m giving you for FREE, because my friends, I want to thank you for being so supportive – all of these are included in the Moving Binder Printable package:

  • Moving To-Do List

  • 8-week Moving Timeline Checklist (with handy tips!)

  • Utilities Budget Worksheet

  • Master Contact List

  • Packing Box Inventory (print of as many of these sheets as you need)

  • First Day Essentials Packing Checklist

  • Budget & Expense Tracker

  • Items to Sell

  • Calendar to keep track of Important Dates

  • An Inspirational Quote for your Home

  • Cover Sheet

Just follow the link and you'll get your FREE pdf download you can print off as many times as you like! If you want to keep in touch, get updates and other useful freebies I create, tick the opt in box. It's almost as good as getting a pair of ruby slippers!

Don't forget you can organise all the things you need to know about your new town on the RelocateGuru App, helping you to feel at home BEFORE you pack a single box! Save the links to the websites you need, ask the locals questions about what the schools are like and recommend local businesses.

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Download on Google Play here

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