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Hi, I'm Nicole, Founder of RelocateGuru.

I currently live in Scotland with my husband and 8 year old son, but it is quite normal in my family to be adventurous and want to travel, with my grandfather from Grenada and grandmother from Ireland. Living in Aberdeen (Oil Capital of Europe) my friends and I rarely stay in one place longer than 2 years due to the transient nature of expat life.

I wished it wasn't so hard to feel at home when moving to a new place, and it wasn't just me finding it difficult to feel at home. My friends would tell me struggles they experienced trying to get settled in their new cities, find friends and find all the little things we take for granted at home. And despite searching hundreds of websites, blogs and forum groups there was so much that I still didn't know until a neighbour told me months later.

Even when living somewhere for awhile we would find it annoying that there was so much going on in the local area that we didn't know about until it was too late, or that there was a great independent business around the corner that we wished we knew months ago. We needed a local guru to tell us where the best places were.

I believe that everyone should feel welcome and that they belong, and with the help of everyone becoming local gurus sharing all their best tips, blog posts and recommendations about their city, we can help each other feel less alone when moving to a new place. 

You can download the app  and join our community to share your local tips and help everyone feel like a local, anywhere, because everyone deserves to feel like they belong.

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